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Membership will be open to Libyan scholars, scientists, professionals and intellectuals in all areas of knowledge. Libyans with the required qualifications or talents will be legible to apply, excluding those who have committed atrocities against Libyan people or  have blood on their hands.  (Membership requirements will be stated in detail in the Forum’s constitution).

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership will be granted to individuals and institutions of eminence and good reputation, so that the Forum can widen the scope of its activities and connections with centres of scholarship and excellence all over the world.


Character and Identity

The Forum is not a political party or a commercial organisation. It is not a charity or employment agency. Nor is it a social club or platform for slogans, polemics, empty bombast or propaganda. The Forum is an independent, intellectual and professional body, loyal to Libya and the Libyan people. Its identity and character are best defined in the aims and objectives outlined above, which are, in a word, the service of truth, the dissemination of knowledge, and the promotion of Libyan skills and expertise in the effort to build a new Libya.


The Independence of Members

The institute puts no restrictions on its members to contribute, in their personal capacity, in political, social or professional activities.

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