The first and principal objective of the Forum is to be a liaison centre, a link, connecting Libyan intellectuals professional and academics, both as individuals and organisations.  The forum will have working groups whose task will be to facilitate communication between its members, as well as between its members and their peers elsewhere.


Secondly, the forum will serve as a first point of contact for scientists, artists, intellectuals and other active individuals, institutions, as well as private or governmental organisations interested in Libya, in Libyan talent and expertise. The forum will possess the information and the resources to assist Libyans and others who wish to know and work with their Libyan peers inside and outside Libya.  The Forum will thus be in a position to provide Libyans with the opportunity for further training and development.


Thirdly, the Forum aims to build the large data-base and to acquire other references and sources of information.  These facilities will provide potential users to have access to various fields of knowledge in a safe and supportive environment.


Fourthly, the Forum will assist in enabling Libyans to acquire training and skills in all fields in natural and social sciences, arts and humanities and to gain skills and expertise in various professional and technical specialities. This can be achieved through establishing colleges or institutes, or by working with established and internationally recognised universities. Financial and moral support, as well as career advice, will be offered where the need arises.

The fifth objective is to start, after the removal of Gaddafi, to address the problem of Libyan ‘brain-drain’. So many of Libyan talents have been drawn by international centres of excellence, universities and academies in the West and elsewhere. There has never been a time when their country needed them most, and the Forum will work with the leadership at home to facilitate the return of these talents to participate in the rebuilding of Libya. This will indeed provide the environment for active exchange of experts between Libya the rest of the world, putting an end to the isolation imposed on Libya and keeping it in touch with the international community.



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